The Conference Hall and Ballroom which feature the most extensive facilities including the simultaneous translation booth is designed to fit any type of social, cultural and professional events such as congresses, corporate meetings and exhibitions in a 640m² space with a capacity of 320 seats.

       The hall which can be separable to two independent venues with an acoustic sound-proof panel and different entrance gates is equipped with the latest modern multimedia technology including digital audio system, high-performance audio and lighting hardware, live BarcoVision broadcasting, network connection, upstage/downstage DVD recording. Electronic controls are handled from the control center and remote control enables control from the podium or stage.

        The Conference Hall and Ballroom where you can convey your messages correctly and efficiently to the delegates in your meeting using the latest audio-visual technology including video conference will also turn your event into a festive celebration in a very distinguished and high-class manner, featuring with private and elite menu selections custom-made to meet the needs and requirements, thanks to the HOTEL ATLI ANKARA’s top-level service and elite culinary fashion.

     For a different and unforgettable event…


Okyanus 1 151 40 48 94 110 181 m2
Okyanus 2 151 40 48 94 110 181 m2
Okyanus 1+2 302 80 96 188 220 363 m2



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