For a different, high quality and delicious experience…

     The HOTEL ATLI ANKARA where different design concepts and maximum comfort meet in the Micca located on the hhotel’s terrace floor which also reflects the similar dynamism as of the lobby floor takes the modern bistro cuisine to a higher level with a different interpretation.


     Be it a quick snack before a morning meeting or a long and rich breakfast, the Micca brings a unique alternative to begin an active day under the blue sky and before the in front of the amazing view of nature, as the venue is offered as a distinguished, privileged and favorite venue by the HOTEL ATLI ANKARA.

     You can enjoy the day’s beginning with the Micca’s rich and all-natural open-buffet breakfast or can temper all week’s stress with our festive brunches and enjoy the gorgeous pre-evening mountain panorama, helping you get away from the busy day’s fast tempo. The Micca will add unique tastes to your appetite.


For unique, delicious and unforgettable tastes…


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