The Lounge Bar is one of the most dynamic venues, bringing excitement to the lobby floor with the most colorful and dynamic elements together for you to relax and enjoy the moment after a long and tiring day. For its closeness to the common areas and the reception, it is well regarded as a frequent venue for the guests who would like to have a quick bite as a pit stop to catch the busy meeting or to enjoy the big-screen TV for watching the news over a delicious cocktail, which also makes the Lounge Bar an ideal and indispensable place for the regulars


     Its contemporary and authentic design, internationally-recognized ambiance, well-served delicious appetizers and hot/cold drinks makes this elite bar an ideal and desired meeting point for our guests. Positioned right next to the winter garden having an amazingly beautiful panoramic nature view, the Lounge Bar will be your delight for a joy in a comfortable and chilling environment for you to get prepared for the big night.

     As an ideal choice for an afternoon joy or a fun night drink or for working on the laptop or mobile device through the freely provided Wi-Fi and mobile, the Lounge Bar offers a unique and desired experience for all sorts of activities that also occur in the lobby place, such as communications, rest and fun times together with your friends and family.


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